I ride a number of recumbents, each one dedicated for a specific purpose.

  • My M5 CHR is the race bike for days when I just want to be at my destination yesterday. Once you’ve read the main review, there are some other pages to read:
  • My Nazca Fuego is the comfortable, flexible all rounder that can be used for anything from commuting to relaxed day rides to full on touring.
  • Our Nazca Quetzal is the ultimate in shared recumbent experience – a very comfortable tandem that is enormous fun to ride.
  • My ICE Sprint 26 is the supreme winter platform, chillout weekend ride and ultra confidence-inspiring commuter bike.
  • My Specialized Tarmac is the black sheep of the family. I have rediscovered the joys of a sore neck and nether regions in my desire to get back into the peloton for some events.

Other bikes I have ridden are listed below.

  • Cruzbike V20 (now sold on) – my first fast bike, I didn’t gel with it and lack of traction on steep hills meant it was sold on.
  • Pelso Brevet – a very nice Carbon high racer (new model for 2018) that I borrowed for a few days and had a lot of fun.