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A sensitive issue

I’m just back from a quick jaunt down south and back, involving 14 hours’ driving and a rather sore bahookie, which leads me nicely into today’s blog post. An article in today’s Guardian very clearly shows the danger athletes, particularly female ones, face to their health when riding and training on traditional bikes at the

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Schlitter Freestyle

In case you missed it, there is a new twin 700C high racer out in the wild. Built by the ultracycling veteran John Schlitter and the same folks who gave us the Encore AND helped design the Pelso Brevet….. the Schlitter Freestyle is an aluminium high racer that looks incredibly adjustable for all sizes of

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Fuego chainline update

Today I got out for a proper ride on the Fuego with the new tube-free chainline (see here for details). It’s a keeper. There’s no problem contacting the chain with your leg, and you only get chain/wheel contact on really tight bends such as switchbacks or u turns. I imagine even that will lessen if

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