How to annoy the neighbours

How to annoy the neighbours

Decided to do something about my shrieking front disc brake with no stopping power on the Fuego tonight.

Took the pads off to clean and bled the brake. Diligently cleaned the pads and rotor. Put wheel back on and tested hydraulics with a good pull on the lever. First mistake- hadn’t put the pads back in. Ooof.

Got the caliper reset and put the pads in. Took the bike outside and tested the brakes down the drive – the shriek is now an ear splitting ice pick in the head.

Spent 10 minutes hoping a gentle brake while pedalling around the village would transfer some pad material to the rotor and make it all nice and quiet again, but it just got louder. Now everybody in Stow knows I have brake problems!

Hmmm. New pads perhaps, but they’re only about half worn. Seems a bit of a waste…..

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