Farewell summer

Farewell summer

We were out for a lovely tandem ride today – clear sky, crisp cold air and really windy…. must be autumn approaching once again. The trees have started turning their colour this week and there’s a definite chill in the air.

Back road to Innerleithen

I had the trike out earlier this week too – the m5 is now hung up on the wall until next year and being out on three wheels again has been great fun. Hauling 20 kg up the hills is good for the legs too!

Also got some fettling to do (I always have, if I didn’t I would invent some) – I decided to try the tiller on the Fuego again just to see how it feels after all this time. It’s about 300g lighter than the aero bars and I’d forgotten how much better forward vision is. Might leave it on for a while! Hoping to try a lightweight new folding tiller on the m5 courtesy of Laid Back Bikes. I’ve also got a Terracycle idler and frame mount ordered, I’ve got an idea to strip the Fuego of chain tubes and add an extra return idler. I’ll let you know how it goes!


Graham Posted on9:59 pm - Sep 17, 2019

By sheer coincidence I’ve been thinking is switching my Fuego back to the tiller too. The superman bars are great for low speed handling but I have to sit bolt upright or I can’t reach them and tiller steer seems more stable at speed. Maybe my general low speed confidence will have improved to make the tiller a more viable proposition.

laidbackbikes Posted on4:16 pm - Sep 24, 2019

Got to do a tandem trip before autumn sets in!

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