OT: Fraser’s First Full Recital

OT: Fraser’s First Full Recital

Yesterday, Fraser was invited to perform a recital on behalf of St. Mary’s Music School for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. It was his first full formal recital and featured a varied programme including Chopin, Schubert and a centrepiece of the fabulous Appassionata Sonata by Beethoven, performed in St Mary’s Cathedral.

This was an extremely challenging programme and I know how much work Fraser put into it in the months prior. He played absolutely beautifully, it’s the first time I’ve ever heard him play the Appassionata all the way through and it was a wonderful performance.

It was also beautiful in that all his piano teachers from the day he started age 6 up to his present day teacher were there to hear him play, and a fairly full cathedral audience were also very appreciative of his playing.

May there be many more to come in the years ahead!

Fraser takes a bow at the start of his performance


laidbackbikes Posted on9:10 am - Aug 30, 2019

We (Irene and I) would have loved to hear this. His musicianship is something special. Just been so busy recently that we couldn’t make it. Pass on our congratulations to him!

Sandy Watson Posted on9:11 am - Aug 30, 2019

Great stuff. Well done he.

John Scarlett Posted on12:58 pm - Sep 4, 2019

Felicidades maestro!

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