And thus endeth my experiment with Latex

And thus endeth my experiment with Latex

Purchased: 2 latex inner tubes at an eye watering price

Spent: A long time prepping the rims to perfection as I’ve read so much about how easy it is to pop latex tubes

Ridden: About 5 miles from Innerleithen to Peebles. I had been planning to do the Tour o the Borders top loop to see if the tubes were any faster. However the very loud pop from my rear wheel in Peebles scuppered that. I had one spare tube which was fine, but after that I didn’t fancy my chances of making it another 50 miles on the other latex tube, so I retreated back to Innerleithen. Had been looking forward to a great ride too, dammit.

So my conclusion was latex: sod it. Chuck a butyl tube in there and forget about it.

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Graham Posted on3:50 pm - Jul 10, 2019

I had a bike custom built for me in the early noughties and, wanting it to have the lowest rolling resistance possible spec’d it with the best, most appropriate wheels that I could afford. And latex tubes. After several years of having to pump up my tyres from flat after a week, I went back to butyl. Can’t say I’ve noticed a difference in rolling resistance either.

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