Small site changes

Small site changes

A small political announcement.

You may have noticed that I have moved my domain to and updated the site title to Bike Scotland. I am doing this for two reasons – the first is that I am now putting in enough time on a standard road bike that I may want to blog about this more often, and it doesn’t really fit under the recumbent banner (although the vast majority of my cycling is still and will remain recumbent, and this will continue to be the focus of my blog). Hence the ‘bike’ part of the change.

The second reason is my small way of protesting at the disaster our politicians in Westminster are making of the Brexit process. I’m not overtly political, and by nature I prefer union over division in almost all aspects of life (I voted No in the last independence referendum and Remain in the Brexit referendum). However, as a Scot I no longer feel remotely connected to the circus that is currently playing out in the UK’s main political parties. I am embarrassed to be associated with such a shower of fools, and I can only imagine what our European brothers and sisters are thinking as they observe the self-inflicted implosion of our political system.

I am therefore re-branding my blog with a more Scottish outlook. I find it difficult to believe I may soon be part of a union over which the idiot-in-chief Boris Johnson may preside. Given the choice, I would now cut my losses and go it alone in an independent Scotland. I’m sure there are many in the north of England that feel the same. That’s all I have to say on the matter.

The normal programme of cycling will now resume 🙂

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