Archive June 2019

Small site changes

A small political announcement. You may have noticed that I have moved my domain to and updated the site title to Bike Scotland. I am doing this for two reasons – the first is that I am now putting in enough time on a standard road bike that I may want to blog about

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Tandem Taxi Service

My 11 year old daughter has been hassling me to use the Quetzal as a taxi for her various sporting activities in Galashiels, so last night I picked her up from her swimming club on ‘the beast’. I rode it down to Galashiels solo, which was my first time piloting the Quetzal without a stoker.

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They come in threes

On Saturday, I was planning a hard ‘kitchen sink’ training ride on the Tarmac. I’m doing a sportive on the ass hatchet in 2 weeks and have been doing a few training rides on the upright road bike to get back into the groove. I recently replaced the wheels on this bike, as the lightweight

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