Fuego Maintenance Tip

Fuego Maintenance Tip

I’ve been listening to a maddening creak on the Fuego for some time now. It got to a point this week where it was driving me crazy – it sounded like somebody jumping up and down on a creaky spring bed whenever you put power through the pedals. It was difficult to tell where it was coming from because the frame amplified it and it seemed to come from everywhere at once!

I started dismantling the bike bit by bit until I found the guilty party. It turned out to be one of the Allen bolts through the swingarm assembly. A bit of grease and retightening solved the problem nicely.

One to remember to check if you get similar issues.

My now silent Fuego yesterday starring in the obligatory Paddy Slacks summit photo


Graham Posted on12:30 pm - May 12, 2019

I’ve been driven half insane by a repeated “click” that seemed to occur ever wheel rotation. It wasn’t until I’d pulled the bike to bits that I found the cause – a loose tyre valve locknut with a bit of play on the thread…

    recumbentcyclistuk Posted on7:38 am - May 13, 2019

    The joys!

    I have a similar intermittent ping coming from somewhere around the front wheel on the Fuego. It’s been there a long time and never got worse and isn’t quite causing me to go mad yet 🙂

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