Crashed Again :(

Crashed Again :(

I commuted in to work by bike today – early start at 4.40 am to get to work for 6.30. All was going just lovely until I came round the roundabout outside Newtongrange just before you go under the viaduct – the bike fishtailed out from under me and I hit the deck at speed again. Dammit. Front hydraulic brake lever – completely mangled. It still gives a teeny tiny bit of braking power but I’ll be riding home on the back brake tonight.

More annoyingly, the steel derailleur hanger tab on the Fuego that I just had straightened in the Bicycle Works a couple of weeks ago is now bent again. I have about 4 working gears on the cassette that don’t make a chattering racket. It will be enough to get me home. I do at least have the tool to straighten it now, but sod’s law and all that…….


LaidBack Posted on8:08 am - Mar 27, 2019

That’s not a good start to the day. Think I know that roundabout… very small and tight turn. Been close to running out of road there myself.
You could drop off Fuego at shop. Or maybe Borders rail is option?
I could lend you a courtesy bike/trike but not all fitted with rack.

    recumbentcyclistuk Posted on8:40 am - Mar 27, 2019

    Thanks David – appreciate the offer, but I think I’ll get home OK. Just need to be careful not to jam on the back brake at speed 🙂

    I got the XTools hanger straightener so I’m going to try and sort it myself. New brake lever ordered already – I think I have some spare olives at home so I should be able to sort that too. Otherwise I’ll phone Joe again..

westonfront Posted on8:15 am - Mar 28, 2019


Hamish Posted on9:04 pm - Mar 29, 2019

Did you do a post mortem on the experience? I had a similar “off” a month ago and although the more lurid bruising has disappeared I’m still sore in places! I think a headset in need of replacement may have been one factor, non-grippy Kojaks another, not sure what else… and it has made me much more enthusiastic for my VTX (not that any encouragement was needed, it’s a fantastic machine IMO!).

    recumbentcyclistuk Posted on9:22 pm - Mar 29, 2019

    I was lucky in that the bike took most of the hit and I escaped without anything more than a slightly sore hip for a day.

    I did look on the road but couldn’t see anything – it was dry and no obvious surface oil or anything. It’s quite a tight roundabout with a poor camber and I too was running Kojaks. It’s never happened like that before – there’s always been something obviously slippy.

    I have seriously considered selling both the Fuego and the Sprint and getting a VTX instead. I’m averaging about 2 crashes a year at the moment!

      Hamish Posted on2:32 pm - Mar 30, 2019

      You know, that’s not a bad idea! I’d keep the Sprint if you can though… the Sprint is a bit more weatherproof and practical (chain tubes, slightly higher, more portable)

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