Keep your mouth shut!

Keep your mouth shut!

We got out for the first tandem ride of 2019 today – round the usual 40 mile Innerleithen loop. The weather was gorgeous when we were preparing to go. When asked if I thought we’d need overshoes, I immediately said nah, spring is here, we’ll be fine without.

1.5 hours later, it’s bloody freezing again, really strong headwind and heavy, stinging rain. Our feet are blocks of ice and I am once again reminded that my opinion is always incorrect and I should just keep my mouth shut! 🙂

Great ride other than the last hour into the driving rain. I’ve pretty much mastered left footed starts which means slick exits from the junction onto Innerleithen high street – the cafe opposite always has a few cyclists sitting in the window just waiting for you to do something daft on your weird bike. I am delighted to disappoint them. The same cannot be said about the CHR which still confounds me in similar situations. I’ll get there eventually!


laidbackbikes Posted on7:28 pm - Feb 17, 2019

Weather turned today as you say. We went up to Lanterne Rouge to meet up with John S for a noon coffee. Was sunny when we went in but had changed seasons by 1pm. On way back John flew down hills with his new rear panniers on P38 (yes your M5 bag will arrive soon I hope!).

Rounded trip off via Haddington with what was meant to be a quick stop at the Goth(enburg) in Prestonpans.
Lovely pub with live music. So really a cafe run today although made good time out to Gifford with Andy along to mao out some routes for solo rides. On 12 speed Fuego. T shirt only till Gifford but needed jacket later on. My feet stayed warm enough though.

    recumbentcyclistuk Posted on8:02 pm - Feb 17, 2019

    Sounds like a good day. Always seem to freeze going over the Granites at this time of year! How’s Andy enjoying the Scottish climate?

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