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laidbackbikes Posted on9:03 am - Nov 3, 2018

Their toughest challenge yet! Veterans of trans-Canada from Vancouver, BC to St John’s, Newfoundland and trans-Australia from Perth to Sydney.
Once back we need a three Quetzal meet up.

laidbackbikes Posted on10:06 pm - Nov 18, 2018

The Andersons have now arrived – that’s some journey they’ve made! Been sharing on twitter so US sites Bentrider and Laid Back Bike Report know about them. There can’t be that many recumbent tandem riders crossing the USA! 2800+ miles. Glad the wheels held out after the initial spoke problems.

    recumbentcyclistuk Posted on7:21 am - Nov 19, 2018

    Would be great to see a feature on the Laid Back Bike report…

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