Ride Video – Autumn Ride on the Quetzal Tandem


laidbackbikes Posted on8:36 pm - Oct 21, 2018

John Scarlett was talking about doing a rendezvous in next few weeks. Meet with both Quetzals – third one still in Texas of course but don’t know when they get back.

JS would be on solo bike of course! Need to get planners and forecast out to make it work.

Video reminds me that rides in and back to Stow seem to be all uphill! (Not all true I know)

Good music bed. Adrian Legg and Martyn Hayes.

    recumbentcyclistuk Posted on8:49 pm - Oct 21, 2018

    It’s a hilly road for sure. Beautiful though! I love the stretch from Heriot to the Granites. The Quetzal is great as it just ploughs through all the gravel and potholes.

    Always game for a meet up. Maybe Henk and Monique could come some time too! The locals all seem to be getting used to the crazy bike guy, need to up the ante a bit. 4 Quetzals would do it!

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