Ride Video – Fighting Strong Crosswinds on the Quetzal Tandem

Ride Video – Fighting Strong Crosswinds on the Quetzal Tandem

An evening ride up the valley on the Quetzal turned out to be a major challenge as the wind picked up very quickly. The last few miles were into a very strong headwind with powerful crosswind blasts that kept me 100% focussed on keeping the bike upright. Good fun but trying hard not to dump the missus on the tarmac!


laidbackbikes Posted on4:02 pm - Dec 24, 2017

Inspiring ride – particularly in the darker days of winter. Tandem slips by cars easier than a trike and Quetzal ‘can’t’ be missed!
Is that road up to Fountainhall?

    recumbentcyclistuk Posted on5:00 pm - Dec 24, 2017

    Yes, that’s the coach road up past Fountainhall and heading to the Granites.

    Quetzal is as always superb to ride. 4mph up the steep hill on single track road with car coming the other way can be a handful but I’m getting better!

    Also still getting to grips with smooth Rohloff operation – it definitely requires a different way of shifting and good communication.

    I love this bike though, as does the missus.

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