Metabike lifting tiller with M5 bar
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Welcome to my site! I am a cyclist based in the Scottish Borders. I primarily ride recumbent bikes although you might occasionally see me on a standard road bike too.

I ride a lot around the Borders, and you might see me at one of the many Scottish Sportives that occur every year. I shouldn’t be hard to pick out – usually I am either the only recumbent or one of a very small group!

I write about my cycling experiences on this site, both as a rider and also my thoughts on some of the bikes and technology that I use. A very small segment of the cycling population may find some of this information useful or interesting. Maybe 🙂

Any gear reviews you see on this site – they are simply my personal opinions, and I have not been paid to write them nor am I given stuff for free. Unless otherwise stated I have bought the gear myself and am only writing because I like it. I tend not to write negative reviews of gear I don’t like, so anything you see on this site has been reviewed because I have used it for myself, paid for with my own money and can recommend to others based on my experience.

Very occasionally I might get the loan of a recumbent bike from Laid Back Bikes for a few days, with the idea of putting some miles on it in the hilly Borders terrain and writing a review at the end of it. Again, aside from the fun I get from playing with somebody else’s extremely expensive shiny toys, there’s no financial incentive for me, so the opinion I give is my objective view and the bikes always go back to the shop. Unfortunately!